Here I place various scripts that I have written. This is far complete as the security.html page is far from complete do to constant institutions and loosing computers, etc.

tc packet scheduling script
pf packet scheduling script old altq type pf.conf.altq.txt dns update and tunnel update scripts and dhcpcd hook he-net-scripts.tar.xz
an example of my iptables configuration
an example of bandwidth quotas on linux with ipset
an example ffmpeg script to create dvd complient .mpg [single pass no bframes and two pass with bframes]
an example script to make a dvd from a .mpg file
an example script to run a process with idle io and cpu
this is a slight blind modification on the deadline io scheduler used for performance on an SSD hd-deadline.start.txt
this is for the on demand scheduler on a six core machine with a little modification freq-cpu.start.txt